Newton's Third Law of Knives to the Back Lyrics

you can't help yourself
drawn like a child to a hand grenade
swinging the shiny rings with a smile and no clue what a mess you've made
tell me what it's like
having everything at once
before i show you what it's like to lose control

you're gonna cry for me to stop
but i'll decide when you've had enough
you wanna die? well that's f****** tough
you'll have to wait until i'm done with you

as if anything i could say could save us
we're not worth the makeup that runs away from your eyes

you can't help yourself
you gotta stick your hands into everything
you better watch those fingers girl- fates got a way with a razor blade
tell me what it's like
when there's nothing left to give
because you've spent your life searching for yourself
you're gonna scream that you're stuck
you're gonna blame it all on luck
you're gonna change?
the jig is up so now you answer for what you've done
cause i've got a long list of question
and you've got a whole lot of lying to do to cover up your confusion at the time
just say you're done
cause you can be quite convincing when you want to be

fall to your knees
lie to me lie to me
i beg of you i beg of you
in a fashion that bleeds sincerity
just well versed enough for me to believe

so i can tell you what it's like when there's nothing you can do
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