Like Nails to a Casket Lyrics

Too many times searching for mercy without sincere remorse.
Look into these eyes forever holding doubt under masks
Of false comfort you wear so proud.
And when the walls tear down the shell expose must head for the shadows.
These bridges still smoldering.
A dark veil shields the eyes but still your name carries in the wind.
Know that I'll leave all compassion were it's due.
At the foot of your headstone it's too late to rise from the ruin.
The stench of death hangs in the air tonight.
But if you come back I'll be waiting with an open casket.
I'll be waiting with an open casket to bury you alive.
Years of betrayal will stain the days ahead.
I wish to sew the seeds of vengeance a single wish to end this rule.
I wish I sew a seed of vengeance and let the sky be vacant.
Years of betrayal stain the days ahead.
I'll be waiting with and open casket to bury you alive.
Watch the angels drop like flies.
From the dead heavens above.
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