Good Booze and Bad Women Lyrics

I got pockets full of money,
You know I'm gonna do it right.
I wanna smoke (smoke! ), choke (choke! ),
Rest and rock 'n' roll all night.
I'm a weekend raver (a weekend raver)
Stoned as a Turk-alright! (stoned as a Turk)
And that's stoned!
Say, good booze and bad women,
Never fails to work!

Yes I'm a weekend raver,
For twenty-four hours get ripped (get ripped! )
I'm rubbin' shoulders with the roadies
While the groupies knock down and turn tips
By night I'm a rambler (tonight I'm a rambler)
By day I'm a Turk! (day I'm a Turk! ) (that's right! )
Good booze and bad women
Never fails to work (never fails to work! )

I, I got a pain in my head,
A sunken look around my nose.
Have to get myself together,
Have to face them "Monday morning slows"-oh yes!
I'm a weekend raver (weekend raver),
On my way to work (on my way to work).
Sure do feel bad!
See, good booze and bad women
Never fails to knock the feet from underneath ya...
And it's steerin' ya...
Good booze and bad women
Never fails to work!
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