Mountains And Sea Lyrics

Every time when I hear Your voice
Nowhere I belong
Feel it's like coming home
......................'s come
Like a mule I can spread my wings
Fly and breaking life
Riding on a cloud,
Oh, I'm so easy now
And I melt into ice
Go high and low


Here on my own
Here where i long to be
Window wide open
Mountains and Sea
Blue white and gold
Someday you colour me
My heart' s still unbroken
Surround where life be
Like mountains and sea
Fly up high and I see the ligtht
Colser to the stars
I reoff my heart: mysterious
On and on driven by the wind
Over hill and .......
Secret fairytale
Oh, no more loneliness.
And I blow with the storm
Go high and low

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Hubert Kah (1996)
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