Lonesome Cowboy Lyrics

Silent waiting
Filthy air
Deal a friendly card
Taming your despair
a nervous case
The bus comes in
To reveal the winning hand
Desert highway
Motel bed
Empty glasses
Smell of whisky on his breath
He's had too much
What a price
What a price to pay

In the mirror
There's reflections of a younger man
A lonesome cowboy
Has to make his only plan
It's in the street
Do you know, do you know your way
On the boulevard
A greyhound is the only chance
A lonesome cowboy
Has to leave the desert land
It's in the street
Do you know, do you know your way
A lonesome cowboy says ?
Can you compromise
With urban lies
Touch new pride
Do you think this desperation
Can be buried
When you cross the line
Think of yesterday
Far away
Out of time
Will your heart be disconnected
From the passion
That your leave behind
A lonesome cowboy says ?
Another bus is leaving and ?
A lonesome cowboy says ?
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