Where I'm From Lyrics

Thats Where I'm From
Thats Where I'm From

Back in the hub we used to drop madel
Contemplate in hell
The stories I could tell would
Freak your mind, and wreck your brain
The thoughts I would have
would drive most insane
The band playin' Rain
Gettin' Down wit' Jimmy
Hendrix, and Page
Make up the rage
Back in the Huddle
McLou's back yard
Me and D was starvin'
And times were hard
Danny used to roll through
Schemin' on the hustle
Credit cards and slang
and M-MC bangin
Leathal used to come with his reel to reel
We didn't have no deal
But that wasn't the point, we'd
Rock a funky joint
Then we'd rock another
The only thing to eat
Was some bread, and peanut b***er
Back to all the females that beded me
In case you ever wondered
They didn't forget me
These are the times that I always think of
And this is dedicated to the ones I love
That's where I'm from
Where're you goin' if you don't look back
What's the use of havin ends
If you lose all your friends [x4]

Paintin on the wall
Ten years gone by
Playin on the stereo
With the volume kinda low
Scheme Team's comin'
Bring me along
We gonna throw a hut party
Till' the break of dawn
With the Soul poppin, thats Soul Poetry
Chameleon playin bringin wit that team
Bring a tab and a 40 and a bag of weed
That's all I need G
Caue I aint Freaky
Trippin for days
Runnin the maze
Goin down to Venice
Sippin on the Guinness
These are the times that I always think of
And this is dedicated to the ones I love

Now times have change
And I'm on tour
And I don't see my friend every day no more
And cause they dont see me
They think I've changed
But, I the same m*********** no doubt
What's it all about
I thought we was people
I'm tryin to get mine
I thought you had my back
Man, I can't understand
They used to slap my hand
Ask me for a grand
And run wit your man
Behind my back and diss me
If you wanna f*** me
first ya gotta kiss me

[Chorus (x3)]
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