Call Me Misha Lyrics

Someone went up of the screen
Burrow of the leg the stow
There is on the wearied no man
After some boy's some boy's drink
Once upon a time you know
Tell me now you've loosed my head
Was this act to sing a song.
Once upon a time I've met you
(Once upon a time)
It was many years ago
(That's a far-away)
You said, call you simply Misha
(Call you simply Mi-)
I said you to tell me more
You said you are very crazy
I said you I'm crazy too
Then you said you really love me
(Call you simply Mi-)
And I said, "I love you too"
Someone went up of the screen
Understand it's not the worm
Are you seeing you're up the street
You've just turned up make disturb
I may say to you "Hello"
As you see I fan my hair
How are you to sing a song.
Once upon a time you were a legend
(Once upon a time)
I have said to you "Hello"
(That's a far away)
Do you know where's simple Misha?
(Call me simply Misha)
It's about a real love.
How nice to see you Misha
You've become a businessman
But for me you're always Misha
(Always simply Misha)
I will ever love that fool.
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Первый контакт (1999)