Bible Black Lyrics

At last alone, his fire's dying
Burned another day
Now to pretend
and make up an ending
somewhere far away
He reached for a book all bound in leather
something that he knows he's never read
and the first page says beware you've found the answer
the next one says I wish that you were dead!

Don't go on, put it back
You're reading from the Bible Black!

What's this word I see
Who are you and who are me
Maybe I just stumbled in the dark

I must have been out cold
but the way the story's told
They found me lying naked in the rain..yeah

Let me go I've seen a vision
But the line has left me blind
Take me back
I must have the Bible Black!
Well here I go again
From the start to the end
I wish I could remember what I've done

Now here's another spell
it could take me straight to hell
and I feel I'm getting closer to my home

Let me go I've found addiction
and it makes me feel alive
Take me back
I must have the Bible Black!
[Guitar Solo]

He locks himself away and tastes the silence
Hungry for another b*** of wrong
and just the words "oh Lord please take me with you"
Took him to a place we don't belong

Let him go!
He can't come back
He's reading from the Bible Black!

So if your fire's dying,
then what's the use of trying?
I may know another place that you can go

It's hiding in the pages
but you may not come back
you're reading from the Bible Blaaaaack!!!
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