Bebe le Strange Lyrics

It`s got to be you reading my letter
Not your hired hand
I don`t know how to say it no better
I love you and the band
Never heard rockin` like you could
Howling like you can
It gets me thinking of Johnny B. Good
But you know you ain't no man

When I heard you play I knew your
name should be changed
We`re all dog panicked and you are to blame
Everybody ought to call you
Bebe le strange
You look so insane
We gave you a name
Bebe le strange
I wish I knew what you`re really like
A touch so shy and fine
But the way you move with that guitar
Just gives me other signs

Here`s my number give me a sign
Call me back if this gets through
Bebe, Bebe, Bebe, Bebe
I`d never say no to you
When I heard your song I knew your
name should be changed
Everybody ought to call you
bebe le strange
Under my skin you've got my mind
You`re so insane
Bebe`s so strange
Bebe le strange
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