Category of the Dead Lyrics

A stolen lie betrayed the race
Murder in the worst case
Royalties are lowlifes now
Apocalyptic genocide
Screaming "I don't want to die"
You told yourself it was a lie
How can all of this be real?
Aborted lives: human veal
Genocidal nature gonna tear you a new one
Can't flee now, you're about to die
Multicultural holocaust
What you had now is lost
Forcing yourself into oppression

The start of a new era
Foreigner brings the terror
Masking the intentions of a puritanical plot
War with open arms
And open minds that fear
Freedom of religion
What is the final cost?

Unreal is reality
Pain is now the only truth
Reign of terror pacifies
Revolution in its roots
Systematic killing fields
A bullet seals the word
To hold in the secret
Of a cemetery morgue
Inflammatory, mortuary, cemetery stone
Category of the dead (Too broad for words)
Mediocrity at its best
Humanity laid to rest
End of all things to come
Darker are the seeds of doom
Never has an end like this
been peophesized to this extent
Game is over
We have all lost


Solo - Chavez

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