A Pyrrhic Victory for Humanity Lyrics

i'm evolving upwards, forwards
running, seeing, feeling
i shift from dust to water to dust
in all my grace i'm kneeling
the peace of danger left behind
easliy, willingly, passionately
i comprehend the weakness of my kind
and embrace all the ways i'm confined

i'm awaken by sudden realization
of my pyrrhic victory
can anyone vindicate my creation
or am i nothing but this contradictory
i'm a boulder in a world of water
a petrified statue in rush hour
paralyzed, numb, cold
a king of gravel released from his power

flickering vivid colour schemes
changing from black to white to black
amongst the side-scenes screams
of cold bodies aching to attack
the great prize of life
to vanquish and to be vanquished
a gold medallion in chains
weighing a hundred tons
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Being and Nothingness (2009)
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