Jinzou Enemy Lyrics

"When your dreams are gone,
Then why repeat the daily grind?
There's no point in it."
A fantastic thing to say...
You are the same
"I love the unreal."
You say it with your fingers
Though your mouth says nothing...

People without faces and voices,
You feel some connection to them.
Of course, though,
That can't be a mutual love.
Still, that's the way it goes,
Another day ends.
But you pretend you have lived,
And then went to sleep.

Ah, even if you say it's boring
You avert your eyes
Even though you can't close them.
Considering you refuse to acknowledge it,
Will you today show such a disgusted face again
As you watch me behind the screen?
This is not the best solution
And I know you know that.
To drown in dark, withered days,
Must no doubt be painful.
If reality isn't a lie, then what is it? If you don't understand then..
How about living together with me
In this world created by humans?

Is there any point in a place
That only denies you?
Just say NO to everything,
And only look at me!
"Ah, truly fantastic."
Even if they clap their hands,
Lies have filled
The outside with junk.
Say, you're so painfully buried in it,
Why are you looking at me now with such a cold face?
This is not the best solution
And I know you know that.
At the end of it,
You know you'll find an endless feeling of isolation.
As you repeat your days
In a room without light,
My noise resounds,
As I begin to crumble away.

"I don't understand this at all!"
I cried, and you said to me,
"I'm already bored of this toy that can only talk!"
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