Drowning in the Flood Lyrics

Calling S.O.S in deep despair
Please, teach me how the hell do I breathe down there
Waves crash on me I can't hold my breath
There's no coming up for a gasp of air
And as the tears fall on us now
The chances are that I will drown
I've sacrificed
All that I love and care about
Drowning in the flood

Speak or forever hold your face
Mourning in the sunken city weeps
Steal my thunder in your tempest hail
We'll surrender when the levee fails

Human corpses floating side by side
Washed up with the distant moonlit tide
Only she can save our sorry souls
Priceless freedom coming at a heavy cost
But I can't turn back hands of time
She knows her purpose is to die
I've sacrificed
All that I love and care about
I'm drowning in the flood

I'm sorry, I'm sad with a sence of regret
It fills my lungs
It's not too late to suffocate
The price I will pay for what I've done
We are trapped under the sea
But we made this ocean
In one day
It takes my breath away

We were drowning she was free
Now she's gone forever
I will pay
She takes my breath away

Will we live to tell the tale ?
Is it worth the price we paid ?
Are we praying for the sun ?
Or are we drowning in the flood ?
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