Need Her Lyrics

From a man to another
Down the same old street
It is a ''situation thunder''
in a full-full scale
Yeah I know it's crazy but I still feel it
Been diggin', deep and down underground
Staring at the light of a night time cieling
Moving at the speed of sound

Thinking 'bout her when I hear that song
playing on the Radio
I need her yeah I need her
Tell me what to do when my heart is out there
I need her If I leave her
Tell me what to do with my heart tonight

From a brother to another
Take a fools advice
And If you ever start to wonder
man you don't think twice
Dancing to the rhythm of lovers healing
Knocking on heavens door
Masquerading into the night time feeling
Moving like the river flows

Turn around fast make no mistakes
How will I get her to know
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