Words Lyrics

Verse 1
If actions speak
Louder than words
I'll be speechless
I'll show you what
I can do that I can do
And if the song that I sing
Is the one that works
Then I'll sing it forever
For you girl coz
I'm not someone
Who confesses much
But I'll make you feel what I feel
So baby hush hush

Three words
I will say them to you
With the touch of my hand
You will know what is true
Three words
From the depth of my kiss
From my heart to your lips
You'll know you heard
Three words
Verse 2
And if you feel like its really a dream away
and it takes you away from it all
but baby sleep, talk is cheap
and that ain?t what you need
Coz there's too much of that
In this world (yeah)
Sometimes you've gotta just
Show not tell
But I believe
I believe that you know it too well

I wish I were a poet
I could, make your world right
Always have the right line
Baby blow your mind
I'll make your stars shine
When rain is falling down
Make some sense
Even when I don't have a clue
I'll tell you these...

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