Be Mine Lyrics

Lately, I've been having thoughts on my mind
Better tell you given that solitary time
It's the greatest most humble thing a heart will ever find
Just promise me that you'll be mine
We've been, we've been going out quite a while
And baby, the way you move is quite my style
So let me take this chance
And put my heart out on the line
I'm just hoping girl, that you'll be mine
The winds of fate dont often blow our way
So lets chase them while we can, oh yea
Our waves are growing stronger while our hearts are getting younger I think we Can run a lifetime or two

Take this, take this ring I have here for you
And wear it, wear it till both our lives are through
It's the honest, most perfect gift I can gave to you
If you say that you'll agree
Girl if you promise me
I'll give everything I have if you'll, you'll be mine
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