Intro Lyrics

[Gucci Mane:]
Yea m*********** We Got Big Cat In This m*********** Laflare n**** Guccie Mane
The m*****f***** Gotto n**** Its A Wrap Then The Whole Industry We Got This s*** In The f*****
Head Lock
[Big Cat:]
Yea Guccie We f***** This n***** Up

[Gucci Mane:]
Cat We Doin More Than f***** This n***** Up We f***** This n***** Hoes We Got
More Ice Than This n***** We Got Mo Money Than This n***** We Independent We Making Major
n***** Tuck They Chain In Haaa Haaa Haa
[Big Cat:]
I Love It Make This f*** n***** Tuck They Chain In Gucci You Know How We Do Baby

[Gucci Mane:]
I Want To Tell You Ahhh My n**** Just Bought Me A Jacob Right That b**** Cost Bout
60 Right That b**** Got Yellow Blue In Green Stones In It Yall b****** Get Yall Weight
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Trap House (2005)
Intro Trap House That's All Booty Shorts Icy Two Thangs Money Don't Matter That's My Hood Lawnmower Man Pyrex Pot Independent Balling Like a Major #1 Black Tee Corner Cuttin' Independent Balling Like a Major #2 Hustle Damn Shawty Go Head Outro