Psycho City Lyrics

Found myself inside an empty room
Waitin' for the beast to make a move
Ridin' through the T.V. air
The devil makes his playground anywhere
One day little baby
Don't you be surprised
But I'll be gone
You know that's true
Meantime all my friends are c**in' down
Overshootin' exits outta town
Trapped in cans inside of traffic stacks
As the bright lights call them back
To Psycho City
Someday if the smoke clears from your eye
You'll recognize your helter skelter life
One day little baby
Ya gonna realize
Right from wrong
I'll come right you ya
Meanwhile as the band is goin' on
Double-crossin' dodges get it on
Complicatin' every little fact
Don't ever turn your back
On Psycho City
Someday as I make my way by song
I'll find out where I should belong
Jump my wheels right off the twisted track
'Cause I'm never goin' back
To Psycho City
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