City of Pain Lyrics

When the sun goes down on the city street
And the shadows move through the night
Daddy's little angel begins her dance
To the beat of the flashing lights
Down the murder mile with a seductive smile
She plays a desperate game
With a sweet caress another trick is blessed
On the corner of the 3rd and Main
In the city of pain

Through the toxic fog down the dirty streets
I follow her steps like a cat
Past the drugged out scenes
The transvestite queens
Past the order side of the tracks

She's a hard sell as she casts her spell
She's the wicked witch of the west
The touch of her skin the smell of her sin
My fantasies burn through my flesh
In the city of pain
In the city of pain
You giving away your body
Burning away your body
Deep in the heart of night

Maybe you need somebody
Maybe you need somebody
Deep in the heart of night

Bad to the bone you gotta
Make at alone you gotta
Right to be wrong to be right
In the city of pain
In the city of pain
She burns hot for now but she knows somehow
It's only a matter of time
She's gotta make her play until the day
When she lays all on a line

Through the broken glass of atonement window
Through the eyes of a little girl
You can see you can see her hopeless dreams
Light up a hopeless world - In the city of pain
In the city of pain

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