Carving a Giant Lyrics

Might and l*** my work
No trust is for man
Father of unholy d***ation light
rewarding a**istance for an ended life
To every living worm
Write an omen
To every living welkin
cloaked in twilight

In every night there is a fire.

Singeing and burning
The Curse of a child
Bring the pain out

Ours was spirit
Raped Intellegence
We exist...all...to awaken and save us from war!
The essence of doubt

Carving a giant
Carving the eye of a god
Create me

Torn so much
Taint a love
Chasing a giant
Forcing the ways of a storm
Standing as human
Facing a god
Fighting and serving your secret

In every night I have a flame
In every night there is a fire

To every living..
creating the twilight.
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Ad majorem Sathanas gloriam (2006)
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