Life Got Cold Lyrics

Ohh yehhuu
We text as we eat
As we listen to the freaks
As we wait for the right of way
We text as we talk
We're running as we walk
Cause we surf our little souls away
We smoke as we choke
As we sink another c**e
And we grin when it blows our mind
We skate as we date
As we slowly suffocate
We're running, we're running, we're running out of time

My life got cold
It happened many years ago
When summer slipped away
So chill now whoa
We've gotten many years to go
So take it day by day
And long ago I lost my soul
To some forgotten dream
But how was I supposed to know
It wasn't what it seamed
And even though the last to know
Has left me on the floor
I don't believe in Romeo's and heroes anymore
We spin as we grin
Cause we're happy to pretend
Everything's gonna be OK
We shake as we wake
Never give until we take
And we hate it when we have to pay
We flirt while we work
To forget about the hurt
And the trash that we left behind
We sink as we swim
The ice is wearing thin
We're running we're running we're running out of time
[Chorus:Repeat x2]
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