Toxins & Tea Lyrics

While I'm waxing lyrical, dark and cynical
Still I keep on trying
To use my prerogative and find some positive
And stop my expectations dying
So I made a list. Two psychologist in the entire area
It's a start I guess, so I left a message
And one of them came back

And tried to feed to me pure bureaucracy
Wrapped in tape and hoodoo
"Unless you're calling from the town where you were born
Nothing we can do for you"

So I said "listen mate, I'll self medicate"
And that was where I left it.
No one listening in the world of medicine
That's why England's gone to s***.

And you don't want me to get started on politics
A fella I know who's Asian
Has got this Dad in law who went and voted for anti immigration

Just like fans of Russell Brand, he could not understand
Why I think he's a w*****
In a search for common sense I went to the off licence
For a temporary answer...
..okay, calm down, let's get f****** zen about it.

No one's expecting a world that runs on justice
No one is waiting for such a grand departure from basic human nature

Try imagining this world living in
Tolerance and compassion
Could you change mankind, one mind at a time?
Well let's put it into positive action.

All participants in this experiment
Start and end with you, mate.
Could you carry on without judging anyone?
Do you believe it isn't too late?
If your solution is in the positive
Everything's gonna be stardust
But if you gonna live in the negative
The popular voice was right, and the stupid people won
The human race is f*****, the experiment went wrong
Your species won't missed, close the door on your way out.
See you on the other side
Hope I come back as a chair.

Thieves and pariahs
Backstabbing liars
Self obsession
Passive aggression
Drama junkies
Two faced c****
Deceit and politics
Broken promises
Anti climax
Ego maniacs
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