You Sure Got This Ol' Redneck Feelin' Blue Lyrics

Oh, I recall some barroom brawls
That I got myself into
Just a stich or two
Got me back together
But what it takes
To ease the ache
That came with losing you
I thought I was tough
But goodbye is too much
This healing is taking forever

Woman you sure got
This old redneck feeling blue
What's going on inside me
I ain't used to going through
This ol' country boys
Hillbilly heart is breaking in two
Yea,you sure got this
Old redneck feeling blue
I've never seen anything
Hit me quite like this
You know the pain and lonliness
It keeps hanging with me
Oh, this good time Joe
He took quite a blow
Oh, why'd you call it quits
It'll take some time
To mend my mind
And put me out of my misery

Woman, you sure left this
Old redneck feelin blue
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