I'll Come Back Lyrics

You can take me to the top of the tallest buildin'
And push me off and watch me go
Take me to a busy street, tie my hand and my feet
And lay me where the heaviest trafic flows.
Take me out into the deepest part of the wild blue ocean
Wrap me up in chains and drop me in
But I won't be gone long 'cause my love is just that strong
I'll come back and love you again.
Lock me inside a cage with the meanest kind of tiger
Throw the key away and let me be
Take me to a desert spot where the sun is oven hot
And leave me with no water there for me.
Take me to the north pole just as far as you can go
And dress me up in cloths that turn and bend
But there is nothin' you can do to keep me away from you
I'll come back and love you again.

Well, who did it and who done it
Has never done the things I would do
Before you count one, two, three turn around and you'll see
Me standing there smilin' right at you.
Put me in a rocket ship on my way to the moon
And let the final count down begin
Got me two railroad tracks but I'll find my way back
I'll come back and love you again.
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