Ain't Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves) Lyrics

(Dallas Frazier - Arthur Leo Owens)
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Well ever since the day that you left me I been whinin' like a little lost pup
The sun went down when you left town and you ain't a gonna come back up
A walkin' in a wearin' out leather a scuffin' up the hardwood floor
Starin' at the phone since you've been gone and listenin' for the knock on the door
There ain't nothin' shakin' but the leaves on the trees
And they wouldn't shake if it wasn't for the breeze
There ain't nothin' happenin' with the birds and the bees
There ain't nothin' shakin' but the leaves
Hurt keeps a lookin' through my window the heartaches are laughin' in the hall
And I've got the news that old man blues is a seepin' through the cracks in the wall
The end is a waitin' round the corner and hope is just about gone
If you only knew how I needed you well then you'd come a running back home
Oh well there ain't nothin' shakin'...
Well there ain't nothin' shakin'...
No there ain't nothin' shakin' but the leaves
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