New Day Dawn Lyrics

Gentleman - New Day Dawn Lyrics

Oh gosh
i wanna dem a move so man
i want to dem all
Love isn't ignorant you could find your way to brighting they ... to stop
do it to find your new day dawn
this is maad i wanna try to fly in complicate materials a case
can you get you fell your new day dawn

Make dem to help the people to burnin' lighter
you up to try
... things for your life
for your pricre... more to pretend the ...
People don't make that this is to ...
... big up freedom fighter
ugo more fighter and then shine brighter
if you know i promise i wanna move ... lighter
So many bridges them break down
so many monuments to dem inspirating them take dawn
look up dem like make dawn
how the money take to dem wanna ... so place i know

so me ... next wrong
i know the people dem just to go to the next town
from the last to get down
Babylon must get down
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