Evolution Lyrics

all the do's and dont's will help you find your way
and you got to stand tall open mindet every day
mysteries exist for us to find dem
nothing never happens until it reach the time then
metaphores and miracles dem just blind dem
and if you live in fear and doubt
you will always stay behind then
the master got his eyes on what you doing
so humble yourself or your blessings will be ruin
nuh see no rain a fall heavens gate a call
and without no love boss nuh go listen
houses build by wisdom
small large or medium
but it's overstanding that we turn it ina kingdom
there is no sacrifice when what you seek is freedom
nothin new about the words we are saying
and there is nothing new about the things we are doing
confusion in our feeling in search of the meaning
longing for spiritual healing
prophet priests and kings
same song dem asing
got to seek your soul and no bother with the bling
cause certain frequencies connect humanity
and speak of the vinity love and shear infinity
got to learn the rules so i can break dem properly
if i man a loose i man nuh loose none a me clarity
bun dem authority senseless ideology
help me sing da song deh with me
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