No Time Like Now Lyrics

No time like present
There is no time like now
Feel the spirit of Jahoviah
Moving inside you now
No time like present
There is no time like now
Feel the power of almighty
Living inside you wow
Jack Radics:
And then life it is like a river
Sometimes it takes me to places
there Im warm and all
And then it's cold till I shiver
Well, now, but thats just the way it goes
Sometimes it rapid
Sometimes it steep
Sometimes it bitter sometimes sweet
Sometimes it calm to put we to sleep
Sometimes we hafi cross a bridge that is weak
Sometimes we slip
Sometimes we slide
Sometimes it takes us to the other side
Sometimes it narrow sometimes it wide
Always knowing the most high gonna guide
Dem bury us but like flowers now we grow
Planted by the waters of wisdom you know
Marvel not of things look because it shows
Yesterday becomes today tomorrow goes
If what you seeking is a peace of mind
Blind can't be deaf and the deaf left behind
I beg you open up your eyes mankind
Can't you see we living ina perilous time
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