5 O'Clock Lyrics

it's five o'clock in the morning,
and I cannot sleep
I'm looking at you beside me, and I'm watching you breathe
I touch your face
feel your warmth you're now a part of me
I don't know what I would do if you were ever to leave
I want you to be, practically giving your heart away to me baby
I made a promise to you that I'll be keeping it safe, I'll never give it away,
no, no, no, no,
(chorus: you should know, I never plan to let you go
you should care I made my promise to be here)
made for each other that's what our friends all keep on saying
I got a feeling they're right but I just don't wanna say no I don't wanna tempt fate
my friend my lover there's nothing I can't ask of you
you're always there for me whenever I'm needy of you
you're always true baby, baby
my mind goes back to a time that wasn't long ago
your confirmation of love for me you captured my soul, would made me feel whole
what we got is good we gotta keep a hold on it
our obligation to love is something we know exists, we're two parts that fit
I know I'm saying this when you already understand, love's never easy between a woman and a man
some things in life will never come to you so easily
I want your kind of love and not from someone grieving me..no, no, no, no
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