Horrible Lyrics

you feel horrible
roll into a ball
you're a full fool
feel like a flicker in a film
borrowed by a viewer for an hour for a buck
licking on a lollipop left by your luck
looking like you're lying for your love
while somebody's b***** heart's

lying in a puddle in the mud
wish you worry 'bout the one you call the one
hurry past the hole that holds the whole
missing out what might have been,
the meaning of the man might may rain right
i... i think i've found a buyer for your fire
i think you think you thought you'd be with higher
me, i will be with you when you worked out

what you wanted was to work
all you do is crawl
you're unravelling heckling yourself
head half full of hell, half chemical, half hysterical
leaning out the window when your ego go away
dying by your hand 'cause everybody says you can
missing out what might have been the meaning of [Repeat until fade]
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