You Could Have It So Much Better Lyrics

The last message you sent
siad I looked really down
that I oughta come over
and talk about it
well I wasn't down
I just wasn't smiling at you
as I look at us now it seems
that you're slapping my back
as if it's alright
but its not.

I'm trying to get up
but you're pushing me down
so I'll get up on my own

Now there's some grinning goon
on my TV screen
telling us all that
it's alright because
she wears this and
he said that and
if you get some of these
it'll all be alright
well I refuse
to be a cynical goon
passing the masses
an easy answer
because it won't be alright
oh no it won't be alright
it won't be alright
unless you get up
come on and get up
Well I'm just a voice in your earpieces
telling you no
it's not alright
you know you could have it so much better
you could have it so much better
if you tried.
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