Baby Pain Lyrics

I'm flesh and blood - Baby,
I'm skin and bone,
every inch of me a man.
I'm meek and mild - Baby,
From the head to toe,
and I've tried to be the best I can.
But I've been mad - Baby,
I've been confused,
I know that's hard to understand.
But I've got dreams - Baby,
and they need you.
You've got the future in your hands.

Baby Pain - Baby Pain.

I was alone - Baby,
love pulled me through,
out of the darkness came a sign.
Now that was you - Baby,
you pulled me through,
you came to me and saved my life.
My bleeding heart - Baby,
still beating true,
still beats to keep your dreams alive.
Baby Pain - Baby Pain.
Still beating strong enough for two.

Baby Pain - Baby Pain.
Still beating here for me and you.

I've got the blues - Baby,
you got 'em too,
I know there's something we can try.
Now there's a cure - Baby,
It's good for two,
no sense in wasting no more time.
Give me your hand - Baby,
I'll give you mine,
It's time to leave the past behind.
Now we can try - Baby,
see what we find,
then make it anything we like.
Baby Pain - Baby Pain - Baby Pain - Baby Pain.

Give me your hand baby,
give me your hand...
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