Inspector Gadget Lyrics

Written By: R.Stannard, J.Gallagher, R.Norris, S.Lewinson, J.Brown, R.Breen

Inspector Gadget
Verse 1 (Rap)
Go Mr. Gadget go
That's the name
spell it out
So it don't sound the same
It's the G-A-D to the G-E-T
Gadget on the mic
Wanna rock with me
Stop that guy with a claw for a hand
Go Mr. Gadget with the master plan
Inspect the scene of the crime
Don't make me
But I hit with the go Gadget rhyme.

If there is a problem in your town
Go Gadget now
If you're in trouble
There is no doubt
He'll work it out.

Chorus 1
Inspector Gadget
Oh, If you knew the crime
You're gonna do the time
Inspector Gadget
When his on the case
You better hide your face
Inspector Gadget
Oh, the City's only savior
Inspector Gadget
Oh, he's number one.
Verse 2
Now who's the lot with the master plan
To bring peace to the land
Gotta understand
Inspector G's the name
Law's the game
He's got track down Claw
Cause the guy is insane
So he works downtown
Looks kinda funny
Acts like a clown
But he be getting criminals
Lock them in bars
Go Gadget copter and jet propeller cars
He jumps up
And out of the scene
And bounces high
With his springs on his feet
You know he will always be around land or the sky
You know Mr. Gadget is a hell of a guy
Repeat Bridge

Chorus 2
Inspector Gadget
Oh, he got a badge on his chest
And you know he's the best
Inspector Gadget
Oh, anywhere you hide
Gadget will find
Inspector Gadget
Oh, the City's only savior
Inspector Gadget
Oh, he's number one.

Repeat Bridge and Chorus (2X)

Repeat Chorus Until Fade
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