Heavy Storm Lyrics

I wish I could believe in something bigger
More than these trees, these winds, these oceans
I wish I could believe what they tell me
I saw, I saw, I saw my brother pack his bags and leave
We made our goodbyes and now he is settled down in the city
Where he doesn't have to be himself

He used to play an un-tuned guitar
While he sang about me and he sung about the stars
I used to dream about another time
And now it's all clear that's the only time I wish would come back

I wish I could hold on a little longer
Still my worried stomach and calm my hunger
I wish I could believe what they taught me
I saw, I saw, I saw, I saw an old photograph
And the picture that appeared, well it took me back to the time
When she was around

She used to play that old mandolin
And the moon and the sea invited her in
I wish that I had told her by then
But she knew deep down that she only wished that time would come back
A new day awaits me
I could be gone today
A new day awaits me
We could be here to stay

We used to wait for our heavy storms
To take us away while something new would form
I wish that I could have known by then
We all know now that we're never getting back to those times
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