A Long Time Ago Lyrics

I fell in love with you
Long before I knew
What it meant to give everything
I was a rolling stone
Rolling my way along
Till you came
And made sense out of everything
But you couldn't wait
I couldn't promise you anything
If it was all a mistake
Then I guess we're both to blame

I could've been
So many things
But it would never be enough for you
I was the one
You counted all
But I was never good one for you
Now I know
I lost you a long time ago
City of strangers
Out of danger
In your arms I was half awake, half a sleep
Grab a hold of what I've got
Regretting all that I am not
I couldn't be the one standing by your side
If it was all a mistake
Then I guess we are both to blame
I hold no grudges
I come bearing forgiveness
Only love
Even if it's not enough
Only love
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