Twilight Lyrics

Who are you!?
Reflecting (on the) mirror, standing all alone
With his eyes closed, I don't know what to do
What's going on!? Am iI going mad!?
Stay away! Get away from me now!
We are all ignorant beings living in (a) world of sorrow
We don't know anything but we act like we know something
Can you tell me who i am?
Don't watch with those eyes!

Break yourself!

Why can't I be myself? Why do i fake my heart?
I just wanna be who i want to be
I'm just who i am
I'm not like anyone
How will the mirror reflect me?
Stars in the sky
Light me in the dark
Guide through my path

Day break
Let the sun shine
Start of another day
Light the world in hope
Moment between stars and dark
Our world lives in both justice and evil

Life, every now and then we ask who we are
Every day every night troubles don't end

That's how life is! x2
But we have no time to rest

Your life is yours you can be who you want to be
You're only you so do not let others choose what you want to be
Your pain will heal and get better someday
Twilight between stars and sun
We all start a brand new day
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