Escape From the Loop Lyrics

Everyday will all be determined depending on your
own will that now one (has)
Noticing that I'm doing (the) same things over and
over daily
Get out of this loop find the answer by yourself
I wonder if my own boring life will go on
I just feel everyday is so meaningless
I know I can't be like this
Walking my way home
Once again "today" is passing by is passing by
Just like today tomorrow will be the same and will
keep being the same

of If you do not feel like doing anything lets go out
and get refreshed ah
Though you may have no goals

Then you wait "Alright! Come on!"
My sight has changed on the day (and) moment we
(got) going on
It's not the world that changed (it's) myself that changed
I've noticed that today can be changed; its all on me
After all nothing can be changed unless you make a
chage; though it may fit in any kind of cases always

Tending (to) run away it's always my weak self that
gets me
Let me change my weakness

Everyone! Right now!
Now Jump! Jump!
As high as you can Now jump! jump!
No need to think!
The view will change once you jump and jump and
jump and jump
It sure is worth to at least give it a single try! jump!
Did you see anything? Did you feel it?
To gain what you all want to get
Those hoping to change "The world (that) surrounds
you" or just waiting There are no things that will
change besides you wo o o uh o
There are chances everywhere but in (the) end you
gotta make a change wo o
Having that in your mind (get) to work right from this moment

Get yourself out there now! "Get me out"

Stop wasting time and do it
go on forward towards your dream
everyday not giving up like really mad to the best of yours
It doesn't matter if you fail or b*** the ground
Say good bye to the usual daily life
Are you all ready to get out? Do well!
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