Defeat and Beat Lyrics

Spread those hands wide and clutch that fist!!

"the law of the jungle"
it all comes down to who is stronger
the strong survives
the weak all dies
clutch that fist
let's get ready
don't get beaten
the strong survives
the weak all dies

Carry no mercy
stab that dagger
smack and knock them out
don't look away from your prey, hunt it!
get them on the ground
always keep an eye on your enemy

Stand up no matter how (much) you get beaten
don't forfeit and give yourself up
do not run away
rise up no matter how (much) you get beaten
don't resist and fight your opponent
beat the freakin' c***!
Proud like a lion
king of all beast
there is no choice but to fight through
tighten the grip of your fist, get it set!

The pride and the ego inside yourself
can't be getting on the ground too easily
think nothing but victory

Let's get on the ring
grab it!
scream to the microphone
yell out!
stick that knuckle up high
the old school rule just so uncool
it seems just hell pointless
what is that fist for?
why even bother to obey?
take it away from them
take it away right now
the passion not the fashion
let's knock it down
Every time you fall stand up quick
keep it cool and clutch your fist right now in front of your face
it's not the physical
what matters the most is your heart
smack the guy's face
keep on fighting
defeat and beat your biggest opponent
desire nothing just keep on going
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