Chugjug Lyrics

(Woah oh oh)

All the trees and the dead leaves
They must be falling in love with you
All the sand in my pockets hand
I wish you'd start hanging out with me

Baby won't you come with me
There's some place that I want to be
Help me out by holding onto my hands
The stars are out, the crowd's thinned out
Walk with me down to the water
And the horizon will be the only thing we'll see
All the neon, the phosphorescence
It can't be serious right now

We roll our jeans up, wade out a little
Splash around to make the colors grow

(Ah Ah)

Maybe we could take a ride
Down to where the hills collide
Fireflies are calling out your name
And the grass beneath you feet it just smells so sweet
No I can't love anymore than i do today
All the times that you were scared
You were okay cause you'd be here someday

Na na na na na
Where'd you get that face
Na na na na na
Where'd you get that face
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