Die for You Lyrics

I admit that I'm far from perfect
Who are you to judge me like I'm worthless
I will not conform or be your puppet
I will never trust cause the loyalty is dead
I would've died for you
I'm killing myself hanging on your words
And it goes to show how much it hurts
For what it's worth
Some things are better left unsaid
You won't destroy me
This is your warning
I have a dark side, I have an army
With in me a secret
A thousand years of torment
Caged up like monster, Forever I will wander

I'm no longer able to believe in
What you are fighting for your lying soul will burn below
And I hope that it happens slow
Tell that b****** that you call your father if you bother
That he should have raised you with a heart and taught a bit of honor
The world as we know it is a m************ battleground
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