Roadkill Lyrics

Stand up, the night is on
I wanna see your
hands in the air
scream out loud,
we'll shake the ground
that's all we f*****' care
we're gonna teach the boys
what it means to rock
get rid of their pathetic pose
stick your body and soul
in a six-string jam
now we're ready to
Rock n' Roll
let's turn up the heat
scream for me

ROADKILL! Keep rockin'!
ROADKILL! Keep rockin'!
ROADKILL! Keep rockin'!

High-speed trashin'
on hot wheels
riding like a g****** fireball
f*** the dark s***,
enjoy the party
stick your fairy tales
right up your a**, wimp
feelin' bad?? too hot for you?
no time and place
for feelin' good
10.000 degrees of Fahrenheit
if we can take it,
so can you...
Let's turn up the heat
now scream for me...
we ain't talking cheap, babe
Let's get it on
Rock n' Roll is our business,
come on and join the show...
ROADKILL! Keep rockin!...
leather seats, an engine's roar
flames coming out like devil horns
big mouths, envious, imbeciles
pesky peasants, more flesh to kill

Rock n' Roll ain't obsolete
it's just waking up
from a quite long sleep
leavin' town, ain't feeling down
We're proud we've done
a job well done
let's turn up the heat
now scream for me...
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