Young'n Lyrics

Brooklyn, uh uh uh uh
Huh Huh uh huh do it huh Yea
Uh Uh do it huh huh what y'all want huh
Rollin, gold two seater
Stash in the dash
Hole through heaters
Blocka! Put holes through beaters
Ghetto Fab stroll through Cheetahs
Balling, Brooklyn dawn
Addicted to Crys hooked on Don
15 G's hookers on
Ma, I want to see how you look in thongs
Hustling, guys that send Po's
Cause I chop rocks the size of mentos
Blame me, trials aquit those
Look at the hurt your eyes will squit close
Pimpin' here's a new way to flirt
Listen to the two way alert
It goes (2 way beeps in song's beat)
Lets go VIP boo raise your skirt

[Chorus 1:]
Holla back Young'n (Ho Ho!)
Holla back (Ho Ho!)
Holla back Young'n (Ho Ho!)
Holla back (Ho Ho!)
Holla back Young'n (Ho Ho!)
Holla back (Ho Ho!)
Holla back Young'n (Ho Ho!)
Holla back (Ho Ho!)
I'm Gangsta
Y'all just wannabe's
Federal Agents on their P's
30 grand 28 on the keys
Gotta good lawyer I'm gonna squeeze
Thuggin' jeans and Tim's
Fitted to the front lean the brim
Ride but never on teenage rims
And I keep a chick's face between limbs
Styling y'all heard about my kick game
I'm on the parkway see me at the Knick game
Probably seen this tatted on your chick frame
F-A-be -O-L-O-you-S
Riding y'all know as well I do
That's the way you can tell I flew
So I got a deal I sell pot too
Cause before I hit the pens I'm getting bailed by Clue

Cruising top on the Mercedes low
Turn us up when you hear this on the radio
Blasting with the nineteen eighty flow
Make the necks on the ladies go (wooo wooop)
Holla that's what a pretty thug will do
Hit Branson get a fifty jug or two
Y'all throwin on them gritty mugs for who
Like y'all don't know what fifty slugs will do
Hating I just bought the bulls
I put y'all in the front page articles
I got em looking at the billboard charts confused
And I still freestyle to start the Clue's
Repping I'm that kid about the doe
I done copped c**e and started droughts before
s*** Platinum out the door
Now I drop the top down just to shout to hoes


Holla back back back back...(Hoooo Hoooo! until music fades)
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