No Love Lyrics

Come into my home
Black master rules the night
See the power start to surge
Upon a hellish sight
It's time to raise them up
Up from below the grave
White bones glow savagery
Provide the light we crave
Turn to look at Baphomet
From below and not above
Welcome to my sacrifice
Tonight there'll be no love
The darkness is my lover
She makes he feel strong
Take what I want, when I want
At night I do no wrong
When I walk the streets
Got Loki on my side
Slit your throat, drink your blood
Who cares when others die

You thought you'd live for oh 50 long
Now it's your turn to die
Live with Satan down in Hell
Born to forever cry
Took your life I don't feel bad
Born to live in hell
Died for nothing, slow decay
Your body starts to smell
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