Stand Up and Fight Lyrics

Guns firing, people running
Screaming it's a war
Planes fiying dropping bombs
Destroy the city once more
Lots of children in the streets
Men and women cannot weep
The world won't help, it's too busy
Won't believe a word we say
Stand up and fight

I won't stand, I won't stand still
You're gonna die, I'm gonna kill
Every single living soul
Their blood wil spill, heads will roll.
Did you think I'd be so stupid
Did you think I'd be so dumb
Done to much destroyed my country
Everyone I knew is gone
Stand up and fight
After the torture, after the war
A massive size revolt, dead by the stroke
But was it all worth it, did we do the right thing
Well I never really know
But the pain and the memory sure will sting
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