Ambush in Langenthal Lyrics

Illusion that I see (so dark so deep)
o dark and so deep (so dark so deep)
illusion in my soul
(These are the illusions my soul)
Into battle we ride (we ride we ride)
and go to find the dangerous signs
and feel the never ending pride
(and feel the never ending pride)

The lost part of my life
no tears and no more cries
(no tears no cries)
please God help me tonight
(please God help me tonight)


my blood is frozen in my veins
my heart is red from all my sins
my eyes are hungry, all the pain
from the ambush of Longvalley
oh lord, here I stand (falls at dawn)
and the light falls at dawn (falls at dawn)
and my battle in Longvalley ends
(and my battle in Longvalley ends)

a sword stroke deep in my back
puts me into a trance (into a trance)
to the dark and deepest romance
(to the dark and deepest romance)

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Kurt of Koppigen (1998)