Today Lyrics

Yesterday is just a dream I don't remember
Tomorrow, still a hope I've yet to endure
I'm out of time, I'm out of rhyme, I'm out of reason
Season's change and leave me out in the cold
The story's old, the tale been told by many scholar
Got a fistful of dollar and pocketful of love
God above if you hear me cryin'
I've tried to sell my soul but no one's buyin'
Lord, strike me down now if I'm lyin'
Lord strike me down
It's gettin' cold It's time for dyin'

Come on and watch me shine
Like the world is mine (check it out) today
Come on and watch me shine (check it out)
Like the world is mine today
Watch me shine (check it out)

Let the man who's free from sin
Bronx Style Bob: free from sin
Cast the first stone and begin the violence
Bronx Style Bob: begin the violence
Let the man whose words ring true
Speak on up till his voice breaks through the silence
Bronx Style Bob: through the silence
Let the ones who lose their way
Live to see just one more day in the sunshine
Bronx Style Bob: La-la-la-la-la-la-laaa
Let the ones who choose to stray
Recognize the prize they'll pay In their lifetime
Bronx Style Bob: in their lifetime
Sittin' you wait for my roads to cross
You nail me down and you watch me bleed
Bronx Style Bob: watch me bleed
So lay my head against the earth
Plant my body like a seed
Bronx Style Bob: plant my body like a seed
You can't always get the things you want, love (check it out)
Bronx Style Bob: tell me what you want
Get what you deserve or maybe what you need
Bronx Style Bob: Uh, tell me what you need
So fill my hole with precious dirt, love
Till the soil and part the weed

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