Syndication (remix) Lyrics

(Wait a minute)

Dope new styles of rhyme, not breakin science
Down with the Rhyme Syndicate alliance
You're on the tip but in the crack of a whip
You know the saying about ships and slips with a lip?
You'll be sunk while I be gettin drunk
With the bottle of rose I keep in my trunk, punk
Don't try to get none, know where I'm comin from?
I don't care if you do got a gun
You better step off before I go off
And don't dare bug, riff or show off
Cause then I break hard, you think I'm a fanatic
Speak my rhymes in English, not breakin no mathematics
Cause that's for other people, boy, I ain't got 'em
But in almost every other rhyme I can spot 'em
Get off it, get off the bandwagon
Runnin the same old styles you keep draggin
Everlast is here with rhymes ready to drop
Hey yo, here I go again

I'm the foreman of this rap, this rhyme style construction
You're on the eve of destruction

(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin) [4x]

Step forward face up, meet the grim reaper
You're aimin for the top as the ladder gets steeper
To my man Divine I send this dedication
To let him know that with his help I got a Syndication
With the dope rhymes I write, the styles I recite
Don't follow this leader, I'm not your guiding light
To the groove I'm smooth like a hit from a buddha
I might smoke an herb but I won't sniff or shoot up
Not hangin with gangs or messin with thugs
Not slingin no caine or dealin no drugs
Cause I'm straight like an arrow, the path I follow is narrow
On the rise Everlast will sore like a sparrow
Through the sky, so don't ask me why
If you're dazed and confused you must be high
So before you try and break make sure that you're sober
Cause I'll s***** your crown, boy, then I'll destroy ya
(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin) [8x]

To all you new jack MC's writin your rhymes in haste
Get dissed, put out of business, don't it seem like a race?
Face death, your final breath jumpin up in my face
I'm a single not a pair, not a deuce I'm a ace
As you hear the treble clack hear my bass tone kick
Take three out in a snap like a flat hat trick
Everlast is educated, energized for endurance
Properly protected with a 100 g insurance
For my mouth (mouth) (mouth)
Wet my whistle at a party with a c**e and a stout
Take heed duck MC's cause Everlast has the clout
So break north, suckers, the top's why I came
Don't wanna hear beefin, cryin or complainin
From you or any other party or set
The pied piper of rhyme, it's time to pay your debt
Pay the piper, the sniper, who wanna get hyper
On the microphone there's no other type of
MC gettin with the E
Down with Divine and DLC
Def Lyric Creations on radio stations
Everlast reigns supreme and I'm in Syndication
(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin) [4x]

Hey yo, come here, lend me your ear
Everlast is the name of me and my gear
So get up, get with it, come on, admit it
The rhyme I just spoke, you wish you did it
Like I do and you tried to
But I'd quit while I'm ahead if I were you
But I'm not, I'm givin all I got
Get the girls on the floor, make em hot to trot
For the Caucasian Sensation there's no hesitation
Everlast reigns supreme and I'm in Syndication

(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin)

(Everlast is here with)
(Rhymes ready to drop)
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