I'll Be There for You Lyrics

Look at how she move, look at how she sway
Standin in her pumps and her lingerie
Comment allez-vous parlez vous francais
Don't know how to act, don't know what to say
Need a genie and a wish in the very worst way
And this type of ish happens eve-ry-day
Type love I feel, is so for real
So gen-uine, and so sublime
Baby workin and puttin on a show for me
Standin over me, I smell potpourri
Take you any place that you wanna go with me
Just (Come Talk to Me) like Jodeci
Got a pain in my heart that never goes away
Baby girl do you really wanna feel it?
Got a lot at stake, and a promise to make
and a kiss from your lips could seal it

I'll be there, for you babe
I'll be the one that you need
I'll be the man that will love you
I'll be there, for you babe
Another loose nut, pain in your gut
Relationship gone down
In a bottle of booze, you manifest your blues
Put on your face and hit the town
Now that skin-tight dress maybe might impress
the kind of man that you might not like
First time up with no luck and confusion
got you gamblin with just one strike
You need more than conversation and introduction calls
You need someone to catch you when you fall
And fly like an eagle when you fine
cause you on my mind

Look at how she sway, look at how she move
Tryin to show and prove, don't disturb the groove
She got - hazel eyes, and hair that's gold
An amazing heart, and an angel's soul
She used to be a sinner, but now she's saved
She's well respected and she's well behaved
Her fuse is short, her legs are long
Her temper's mean, her will is strong
A love so real, a love so deep
A love so true, it's so hard to keep
Her center's sweet, her beauty's rare
When we walk down the street people stop and stare
She's so d*** smart, she's one of a kind
She's a work of art, she's a priceless wine
She's a drama queen, she's a friend of mine
She's every man's dream and she's mine all mine

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