The Storm Within Lyrics

It is dark I can hear the crows
And the autumn leaves falls and falls
Trees asleep still stretch for the sky
They belong to me
They stretch for us you see
If all were just dreams we'd be safe
But we're all just pale prints of passed days
The consequence and the cause
The reasons of why we did lose

It is late when I watch the sun hide
Hide behind the dark mountainside
Taste the salt that lands on my skin
There's not a sound just the storm within
You tore down my walls
You stole my armor
You're under my skin, you conquer you win
My back's in the dust, you triumph you grin
And I know I'd heal better
If I'd surrender to feel

And we wrote life as it passed
As nothing else could matter at all
You made the sun rise
The stars fall and darkness smaller
We walked many days in sorrow
But also in daylight's grace
We gave worth to that which was hollow
Sometimes just two lost souls
And we wrote life as it passed
Much too certain that it'd last forever
We were beyond the difficult
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The Storm Within (2016)