Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight Lyrics

Saw her standing in the street in a hat made out of skin
Underneath a stormy sky like a Heroine,
Over me came the feeling that i'd never win
She's owning me like a dog to a God
I'm not gonna let you go this time,
Not gonna be alone tonight,
You can try to break me down or start a fight but I'm not
gonna let you win I'm more than glad to take one on the chin, babe,
As long as I've got you attention,
Save me
Stop sneaking pain to the cranium,
Blame me, Let me out from underneath your thumb
My senses are six and they need their fix from you
Underneath a stormy sky I'm
Holding you,
Over me comes the feeling you could come around
Baby, give me a chance and your hand and remove that crown.
Get the feeling you could come around
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